Happy Campers at the Children’s Museum

Do you love the movie Night at the Museum, and the idea of everything coming to life in a museum when the sun sets? Well last Saturday lucky “campers” got to live their own night in the museum, as the galleries were filled with fun and adventure long into the night.

After their tummies were full with pizza graciously donated by PizzaRev, kids and their families got to explore all the museum has to offer at twilight. They got to see a real live tarantula, decorate their own bird house, and even solve a mystery! Movie time was a hit as everyone curled up with snacks to watch the classic Toy Story 3. And just when everyone’s eyes were starting to get heavy, every camper got to pick their own spot in the museum to lay their head. Some laid out under the California Redwoods or in the not-so-hot desert of our California: Full of Life exhibit, while others chose to sleep in our Science Station, with strong dinosaurs standing guard over them.

As the first lights started to creep into the museum the next morning, the giggles of young campers ready to start a new day were heard throughout the gallery. Early risers were able to witness the morning feeding of all our critters, from our gecko to our banana slugs. Then, after some breakfast and quick playtime it was time to say goodbye to the museum, but not to the memories that the night had given them.

We are so glad that everyone who camped with us had such a wonderful time and look forward to planning more Overnight events in the New Year!

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