Make slime at home!

Keep your little ones occupied this winter break with some fun, educational science experiments! A favorite experiment at the Children’s Museum at La Habra is homemade slime! You may have the supplies for this experiment already in you cupboard!


8 oz white glue bottle

Food coloring



Zip lock baggies (to store your experiment!)


Mixing bowl


Step one: Combine equal parts of white glue and warm water and mix.

Step two (Optional): Add a few drops of food coloring to give your slime some pizazz. (FYI parents: Too much food coloring can stain)

Step Three: In a separate container mix a teaspoon of borax with ½ cup warm water until dissolved.

Step Four: While stirring the glue in the mixing bowl, slowly add a little of the Borax solution. You will notice that you’re soupy liquid is now changing shape!

Step Five: Use your hands for better mixing.

What is this magic?!!

No, it’s not magic. It’s science! The mixture of glue with Borax and water produces a putty-like material called a polymer. Mixing the borax and water solution with the glue resulted in a reaction. Another example of a reaction is mixing vinegar and baking soda that bubbles when combined.

Have fun with it and experiment by adding more or less borax solution! You can place the finished product in a zip lock to keep, or roll it into a ball, let dry and bounce it outside!