Ocean Zone- Coming Soon!

If you’ve visited us lately, you may have seen something interesting in our Family Art Center. Pictured below is Lisa Reckon, our curator of Exhibits and Education. She’s working on a painting of a whale shark for our upcoming Ocean Zone exhibit! Ocean Zone will focus on the different depths, or zones, of the ocean and how each one supports its own unique life forms. Fun fact: most of the components from our Changing Gallery exhibits are fabricated in-house, with many items reused from previous exhibits. Lisa, along with other staff and interns, are already hard at work prepping for the Ocean Zone exhibit.



The upcoming exhibit will feature the animals, big and small, that make up our beautiful ocean. We’ll also help our visitors learn about marine conservation and how we can all take steps to protect our ocean waters. You’ll be able to play an interactive Shark Parts game or try the Ocean Scavenger Hunt! Best of all, we’ll have several saltwater tanks housing live ocean animals- get up close and personal with rays, jellyfish, coral, and more!

Ocean Zone opens March 28th, 2017. Call (562) 383-4236 or email museumstaff@lahabraca.gov for more information.