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In anticipation of our re-opening, we asked guests and some staff members to submit photos about what they are most excited about when our Museum re-opens! We were so happy to get their feedback and share it with you all! See their answers below and use the comment section to write your own memories!

“The train room is our favorite, we can’t wait for the timer to restart! But we also love the bus and carousel! We can’t wait to get back!” – Charlene Ruan



“Me and my 2-year old love every part of the museum, be it the fruits n vegetable station, pretend play area, harvesting and the wide range of animals especially the dinos. He just loves them.” – Pragya Sharma


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“My name is Jennifer Andrade, the Visitor Services Coordinator at the Children’s Museum at La Habra. I am extremely excited to hear the laughter of children fill our museum again!!! Also, I am really excited for our guests to check out our new Changing Gallery Exhibit, American Native: First Nations Tales!!”

“We are so excited for the carousel to open, our little ones absolutely love it!” — Lilly Lopez



I really miss seeing families playing together and the spark in parents eyes as they watch their children.  It is so rewarding to get a “thank you so much” from parents for an experience we provided and allowing them to make memories together as family with their little ones.  It reminds me of when I was a young mom and how I cherished learning together with my little ones! ❤ — Assistant Director, Maria Tinajero-Dowdle

We are so excited to welcome our members, guests, volunteers, and community members back into the Museum. It has been an honor to serve you all digitally and we will continue to do so even after our re-opening! Stay tuned for an important message tomorrow about our re-opening schedule and all the information you need to come play at CMLH!

Resources to Support Social-Emotional Learning in Your Child


Letters, colors, numbers, and. . . empathy? When we think about early childhood learning, beginning skills like numbers, the alphabet, language, and motor development (muscle control) might be what come to mind. However, there’s another area that is just as important- social/emotional development. As anyone with a toddler knows, small children can have BIG FEELINGS- and that’s a part of the amazing brain development that happens in the first few years of life. Empathy, self-control, patience, and attachment are all a part of this type of learning, and form the foundation for ANY kind of development that follows!
We Are Teachers has some great activities to help your child recognize and give name to their feelings. How cute is the feelings scale?

First 5 California has some great advice on parenting during COVID-19. Even though California and other states are “opening up” businesses, many families are still spending a lot of time at home in our new normal. First 5 California has some wonderful resources to support parents as well as children in their social/emotional needs.

The National Association for the Education of Young People has some great resources as well. We love the reminder that non-verbal cues (eye contact and facial expression, for example) and modeling behavior are effective ways to interact with young children.

We hope these links can serve as a starting point in learning about social-emotional development in your child. Do you have a question or a tried and true method for guiding the emotional growth of your child? Please share with us in the comments!

We’re Better Together: What We Can Do At Home to Stop Racism.

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With our hearts heavy with current events, we found it necessary to compile a list of resources for parents and educators to facilitate positive, constructive conversations around racism, discrimination, and intentional action.

As an organization, the Children’s Museum at La Habra proudly uplifts diverse voices to enrich cultural understanding in our community through programming, gallery content, art, and more. We see every day as an opportunity to spread kindness, love, and quality educational opportunities to every person in our local and global community.

Please see the non-exhaustive list below to find ways to address racism with the little ones all around you.

With love,
The Children’s Museum at La Habra


Honoring the work of Jacque Tahuka-Nuñez, we are excited to feature her play, Journeys to the Past, which you can find:


Jacque Tahuka-Nuñez is an Educator and person of Acjachemen Descendent. Jacque is a world famous storyteller who is enriches the lives of all people by storytelling and sharing indigenous history. We honor Jacque’s work and encourage others to listen and learn. We have posted this today to enrich cultural understanding around Indigenous people and their histories and educate children, families, and caretakers.

For more information on Jacque’s work, visit her website here: Here.

Facilitating conversions for both parents and educators:

How to Talk to Kids, Early an Often, about Race by Jessica Grosse

Click here to access “How to Talk to Kids About Race”.

NAEYC, Anti-Bias Education for Young Children and Ourselves, Second Edition

Click here to access NAEYC Anti-Bias Education.

Parent Toolkit, “How to Talk to Kids About Race and Racism”

Click here to access the Parent Toolkit.

Are Your Kids Too Young to Talk About Race?

Click here to access “Are Your Kids Too Young to Talk About Race?”

What Can We Do as Parents?

Click here to access “What Can We Do As Parents?”


Book readings:

PBS Live book reading this Friday, 6/5/2020 with Christian Robinson, author of “You Matter”

Click here to access PBS Book Reading of “You Matter” by Christian Robinson.


Book lists/recommendations:

PBS Book List (PBS is constantly updating with suggestions)

Click here to access PBS Book List.

Ada Twist, Scientist by Andrea Beaty

Click here for “Ada Twist, Scientist” by Andrea Beaty

The Conscious Kid Patreon ($1 per month access)

Click here to access The Conscious Kid.