Welcome Back to CMLH!

We are so excited to announce our re-opening next Wednesday, September 23rd! It has been a loooong time since our guests have played, learned, and discovered in our Museum and we are SO thrilled to tell everyone that we will be opening our Museum for 2-hour sessions from Wednesday-Friday 10AM-12PM!

Since the closure of the Museum in March, we have been putting our best foot forward to connect with our audience and create opportunities for playing and learning at home. We used our digital platforms to reach our audience and tell stories, play games, and do activities. We created a curbside pickup for kits that ranged from Everything Water to All Out Art. We created a Play Pass for families to come to our Museum and Design & Build, have a Dino Day, and more.

It has been such a joy to create programming for families during this time. We are beyond grateful for the patience and kindness that people have shown us while we try to get back on our feet and return to “normal”.

We’ve had some questions about our opening and what it means, so check out our FAQ below:

Q: What days are you open?
A: We will be open for play Wednesday-Friday from 10AM-12PM!

Q: What is the Museum’s capacity?
A: Our Museum is following state and local guidelines around health and safety during this time, and our new capacity is 50 persons inside the Museum!

Q: Do members need reservations as well?
A: Great question! To make sure we are following our capacity maximum, ALL guests inside of our Museum need a reservation. If you are a member and sending in your RSVP via Google Forms, just click the “Yes” box under the “Are you a member” question–no need to fill out the credit card info!

We will post more updates soon. Stay tuned for more information!

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