Summer Programming Wrap Up

“Play is the work of the child.” – Maria Montessori

   Hello everyone! It’s hard to believe that summer’s coming to an end- some of our local elementary schools are already back in session. We debuted a couple of new S.T.E.M.-based activities over the last couple months and hope you had a chance to experience them. Our goal was to promote science, technology, engineering, and mathematics in an informal, play-based environment. Inquiry plays an especially important role in early childhood science learning- “What happens if. . . ?” and “What if we try this?” We were happy to hear this type of dialogue between the children and their parents, our staff, and other children.

Once a week, we took over the art center for S.M.Art Fridays- science, math, and art. Kids became the architects in our fort-building activity and used shapes to create Mondrian-inspired art. Spaghetti and packing peanuts turned into construction materials on “Make an Earthquake-Proof Building” day.

The fun didn’t stop there! Our awesome volunteers ran the “Let’s Take It Outside” activities. We experimented with different paper airplane designs and learned about how bubbles form. The “Frozen Exploration” ice activity was another popular one- kids used tools and water to free plastic animals and other treasures from a big block of ice.

Early childhood is an incredible time- kids are building their motor skills, language, interpersonal relationships, and generally learning how the world works. By pairing this development with S.T.E.M. exploration, we’re trying to spark the imagination of our future scientists. We hope that you had a chance to enjoy some of these activities and maybe even continue some at home.

S.M.Art Fridays will continue every Friday in August in the Family Art Center from 11-3.

“Let’s Take It Outside” activities are offered on the weekends (weather permitting and depending on volunteer availability)

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