Water Play and Everyday Learning

Hello friends, we are back with another Teach Me Tuesday focused on this week’s theme: water! Whether it’s splashing in a pool, taking a bath, or even washing their hands, children instinctively love the sensory action of water. With a little bit of prep, you can frame water play as an inviting learning experience! Here are some ideas to try at home.

DIY Water Wall

Photo from Little Bins for Little Hands

Attach funnels, cut open water bottles, plastic tubing, or whatever strikes your fancy to a fence. Use zip ties to attach your water wall pieces. It may take some tinkering to create a successful path to the bottom, but that’s part of the learning experience- and part of the fun.

Measuring Cups

Give your little one plastic measuring cups, measuring spoons, and a small pitcher for pouring and scooping water. This develops motor skills (muscle control) and independence (building towards pouring their own drinks). Point out the numbers or volume measurements on the cups (“Can you pass me the quarter cup measuring cup?” “What if we add 2 teaspoons of bubble bath to the tub?”). Which bottle holds more water, the tall skinny one or the short wide one?

Toy Wash

Toys being cleaned in soapy water
Happy Hooligans

Keeping toys cleaned and sanitized is more important than ever! Set up a small, shallow bin with water, child-friendly soap, and a scrubbing brush. This soothing activity also sets your child up to contribute to the household and other cleaning chores- it’s a win win!

Water Painting and Ice Cube Painting

Try a quick water activity on the next hot summer day to cool off with your kids!
Hands On As We Grow

This one couldn’t be simpler- give your child a bowl of water and a paintbrush (bonus points if you let them use real tools like paint rollers or a house paintbrush), and let them “paint” outside with water! For a different experience, freeze water (add food coloring if you have it) and a popsicle stick- this works well on paper or outdoors. Can you still see your water painting a few hours later? Why or why not? Where do you think the water goes?

How do you play with water at home with your little one? Are there any ideas that we’re missing? Please share in the comments below!

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