Interview with a Gourmet Guy: Get excited for our annual fundraiser October 18th!

It’s never too early to think about food! Especially all of the wonderful dishes you can sample at Gourmet Guys: the Children’s Museum at La Habra annual food-focused fundraiser on Sunday October 18th at the La Habra Community Center. This event will have you snacking on dozens of tasty dishes from Orange County amateur chefs. To help us get excited for our annual fundraiser, we sat down with one of our volunteer amateur chefs: La Habra Mayor Michael Blazey! Hear what made his experience so special, and why you can’t miss this event!

What inspired you to become one of the Gourmet Guys chefs?

I think it was something I always wanted to do since we started going to Gourmet Guys and I thought that my oyster recipe would be something that could be a winner and it turns out it was.

Tell me about your dish from last year.

It’s actually my mother’s recipe and it’s pretty simple to make. It’s a traditional item for a holiday meal. Here at home we make them on Christmas Eve and have them as part of our Christmas Eve Supper. And that was something my mom did too, she would also have it around Thanksgiving time.

What’s your favorite part of participating in Gourmet Guys?

I think it’s just mostly the camaraderie of the group that you’re with, because you do it as a team. You sit with the people you either work with or you’re part of a club or social group. In my case, it was employees for the City, so it was Jim Sadro the City Manager, and Sal Failla, the Community Services Director, and then the Finance Director Mel Shannon was there and just a lot of the guys who work for the city. So you know you see them every day in the context of being a city council member, and you go to events with them, but this is one event where you’re participating with them.

Any hopes for this year?

Well I want to enter again and I want it to be something that has the potential to win. I haven’t quite decided on my recipe yet. And I’m told I have to be more mindful of my presentation.

Anything else you’d like to share about what makes the Gourmet Guys fundraiser so special?

Just that it’s a really great way to raise “dough” and raise “bread” so to speak for the Children’s Museum because you make the contribution of your entry fee and then you get a chance to show off what you can do. And also end up bringing in more revenue for the Children’s Museum as people pay for an entrance and get to sample and taste the different kinds of entries that are out there. So I think it’s a really creative way to do a fundraiser and show that guys can cook too.

So make sure you reserve your spot for this three hour celebration of culinary creativity where you’ll get to be the judge by voting for your favorite dish, or maybe even become a silent auction winner. Gourmet Guys guarantees a great day of food, fun, and recipes you can bring home to your own family!

To help us “Raise Bread for Kids” by cooking or attending the event, please call (562)383-4242 for more information or visit the Museum’s website at and click on the Special Events button.

Gourmet Guys Raise “Bread” for Kids Event

Sunday, October 18th 12:00 noon-3:00 pm

La Habra Community Center

101 W. La Habra Blvd.

La Habra, CA 90631

Tickets – $40.00

Meatball Sign Sponsor – $100.00

VIP Ticket Package – $150.00