Meet the Critters: Max and Aaron

There are a lot of things that are pretend here at the Children’s Museum, but today it is our pleasure to introduce two of our real LIVE animals: Max and Aaron, our Banana Slugs.

“Hello I’m Aaron”

“And I’m Max” says Max, “You can tell because I’m a little bit fatter than him.”

“Maybe you should cut back on the cucumber slices.” says Aaron.

“But they are so delicious!” says Max, “That’s what we eat here at the museum. That’s because we are slugs and we originally come from the Redwood forest where there is lots of tasty vegetables to munch on! We are decomposers, so we turn everything we eat into nice rich soil for the forest to use!”

“But right now, we aren’t in the forest. We live in the California: Full of Life exhibit and we make kids happy every day!” says Aaron excitedly, “They like to look at us and see how much we look like bananas. They don’t get to see us move very much though! We only move about 6 1/2 inches per hour.”

“If we aren’t very fast, how did we get here Aaron?” asks Max.

“Don’t you remember?” says Aaron, “A young man was nice enough to bring us down to the museum when he found us on the side of the… place with the cars.”

“The road!” says Max.

“Yea the road!” says Aaron, “He picked us up even though we are kind of slimy, and he named us after the scientific name for the Banana slug: Ariolimax californicus. Every animal has a scientific name for scientists to tell us apart, our genus name is Ariolimax, meaning we are banana slugs, and our species name is californicus, meaning we are the species that lives in California.”

“But here at the museum we are just known as Max and Aaron, it’s much shorter,” says Max

Max and Aaron the Banana Slugs are happy to be here, and they are excited to meet you! Come check them out before they head back to the Redwoods when the California: Full of Life exhibit closes at the end of August.