These are a Few of our Favorite Things

No day at the museum is complete without a trip to the Gift Shop! We here at the museum love the Fascination Station Gift Shop! The staff has picked our favorite items to share with you. Come find your favorite item next time you are at the museum!


Magic Mic:

Growing up I was very shy (still am), but behind closed doors, I was a pop star diva! In my American Idol like Imagination world, I beat out all my competition from Snow White, Aladdin, and even Ariel! Here I come, Elsa!

-Eden Chung, Education and Exhibits Assistant


Smooth Rocks

Lisa: I really like the polished stones. They have so many colors and patterns, and they feel smooth and cool in your hand. I had a pet rock back in high school (and I still have it!) named Maurice Hotbottom (so called because I carried him around in my back pocket, so one side of him was always warm). My daughter likes to make jewelry out of found stones – we’ve even found some pretty rose quartz in our backyard!

-Lisa Reckon, Curator of Exhibits and Education

The pouch of stones remind me of a trip to the Grand Canyon when I was child. I bought a big bag of stones and my family had a wonderful time snapping photos and feasting on the geological wonder below. It wasn’t until the drive home we realized we accidently threw away the bag with the stones and disposable camera. With a disappointment and sadness deeper than the Grand Canyon itself, I departed home dreaming about my stones and the brief but sweet time we had together.

-Steven Montes, Outreach and Volunteer Coordinator


The Pig Jax

The Pig Jax remind me of my family.  My husband and my daughter worked their way through college at Farmer John processing pork products.  When I look at the Pig Jax it reminds me of them. Also, I it is a fun game to play.

-Lynn Holmquist, Visitor Services Assistant


Magic Bubbles

Bubbles remind me of the carefree days of childhood. You could spend an entire summer afternoon blowing bubbles with your friends and enjoy watching them waft across the sky.

– Roy Mueller, Friends Executive Director and Chief Development Officer


Robot Claw

The Robot Claw is a fantastic toy that my boys absolutely LOVE!! This claw picks up just about anything. Not to mention that they are motivated to use it when it comes time to pick up after playing or put clothes in the laundry basket!  The Robot Claw….. Mom’s best friend!

-Jennifer Andrade, Visitor Services Coordinator