Construction Zone!


Construction is happening at the museum, in more ways than one! The museum will be closed starting on August 31st for renovation. As soon as the dedicated staff here at the museum is done designing, building, and constructing wonderful things for our exhibit, it’s our guests’ turn! Construction Zone, our new changing gallery opening September 29th, will have an incredible variety of opportunities for kids to try their hand at every step of construction and architecture. Take a peek inside this exciting new exhibit and all its areas for constructive play.

 Building a Community:

City planning is in the hands of kids in this area’s oversized floor map, complete with streets, sturdy toy houses, fire stations, businesses, and even cars and emergency vehicles. The community can be laid out however they want! The only limit is their imagination! When kids are feeling more destructive than constructive, there’s no need to fear for this area also features the Dump Truck Pit, where kids can dig about in plastic pellets with hefty sized toy dump trucks and bulldozers.

Design a Home:

Everyone has a dream home, and in this area kids can design whatever they wish! Three drafting tables with examples of home designs that range from Ranch Style to Storybook provide an excellent workspace for kids who are ready to be architects. The architectural model of a home in this area as well as the fun fast motion DVD of a house being built represent what the next steps of building a house would look like.

Architect Alley:

Children will receive a huge helping of inspiration in Architect Alley as they gaze upon a model of Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world. Architect Alley- a gallery-like tunnel- features facts and pictures of iconic structures and short bios of notable architects including a DVD on Frank Gehry, designer of the Disney Concert Hall and many other amazing buildings. Be sure to take a spin through famous and notable structures of the world on our interactive spinning wheel.

Skyscraper Zone:

In the Skyscraper Zone, Kids will learn all about the complexity of building and living in a city that touches the sky: the Vertical City in China. This skyscraper holds not only businesses, but homes, shopping centers, restaurants, and even city parks. Once they are ready to build their own skyscraper a light table with MagSnaps magnetic building blocks will be waiting for them!

Heavy Equipment Zone:

Don your hard hat and safety vest in this construction zone area, because it’s time to get to work with the heavy equipment! Kids can take a miniature version of the big-sized bulldozer that adorns the wall and pedal their tractors and bulldozers around the safety cone enclosed area. Cameras are a must, especially with the two fun 3D standup construction workers to pose as.

Collaboration with the City of La Habra

The Museum is also proud to announce our partnership with the City of La Habra’s Public Works Department and Community Development Department for this exhibit. The departments loaned the Museum authentic signs, blueprints, equipment for the engineering exhibit. Children will get a chance for a realistic construction experience, just like the work that goes on around La Habra everyday. We’d like to thank the City of La Habra Public Works department so much for their support and for making a huge difference in our new exhibit!

Dates to remember!

August 23rd: The last day to check out the California: Full of Life exhibit!

August 24th: California: Full of Life Exhibit closes and construction on the Construction Zone begins!

August 31st-September 28th: The museum is closed for renovation, but don’t be sad! Exciting new things are on their way.

September 29th: The Museum reopens! Unveiling the brand new Construction Zone!