Thank-You-Thursday: Our Amazing Supporters!

As the Children’s Museum at La Habra has tried to navigate this unprecedented time, there is one thing we are constantly reminded of: that our community has our back. We’ve gone from completely closed to open to slightly open to closed once again and there has never been a shortage of people asking, “what’s next?”.

Throughout this time, we’ve had people show up and show out for the Museum. We are grateful for every DM, every email, every Facebook comment, every call to the Museum. Each question and comment from our community is a light amidst darkness that reminds us of our mission: to provide valuable learning opportunities for the families in our community.

As many of you know, we have done several things throughout these few months to engage Museum-goers and learning enthusiasts alike. From free kits to Daily Play Passes for outside play, we are thankful to those who have continued to engage with us and ask, “what’s next?”

This is a thank you to all of you who have supported us throughout this time. We are grateful for your patience, your willingness to support your local Museum, and your enthusiasm in learning with your little one.



We thank every family who has come to pick up a kit from us. The challenge to pivot our entire model of community engagement was a big one and we were met with love, kindness, and appreciation!





We thank our members who showed up on our first day open, eager to play. With a totally new way of doing things, we were nervous to re-open. We were greeted with smiles (underneath masks, of course), questions, and kindness. What a day!






We thank every family that has come to pick up our free kits! Our pride and joy is providing resources to all of our local families.







Thank you to our Play Pass families who have made our hearts soar with the possibilities of what we can do in this new day and age!




We are constantly overwhelmed by the support we have gotten from Members, guests, and newcomers alike. Words cannot describe the  gratitude in our hearts for each and every community member who has extended their time, energy, and resources into celebrating our Museum.

With love,
The Children’s Museum at La Habra

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