Bienvenido, Lindo Mexico!

In our last post we gave a sneak peak of our brand new exhibit, Lindo Mexico. You may have seen on our Facebook or Instagram that we had a special event to celebrate the opening of our beautiful cultural exhibit, but if you missed it–here’s your chance to experience the fun yourself!


As guests walked towards the entrance, the amazing and talented Rhythmo Mariachi Academy were playing hits such as “Poco Loco” and “Cielito Lindo”! Rhythmo Mariachi Academy is an awesome organization dedicated to the preservation of Mexican art and music through music advocacy and youth programming! Check out the video below for a small part of their wonderful performance.

La Central Bakery, a local bakery in La Habra, generously provided the delicious and colorful pan dulce that our guests enjoyed while listening to the sounds of the Mariachi! How yummy does that pink concha look?! I think I see a cuerno or two in there, as well!


After enjoying the Mariachi and munching on delicious breads, we decided to bust open our piñata. Our Assistant Museum Director didn’t want to buy a pinata, so she decided to show off her incredible piñata making skills and create one herself! Our Museum logo has never looked so festive!

But the celebration didn’t just stop outside! The craft in our Family Art Center celebrated the Aztec’s symbolic history of face masks with our Jaguar Mask craft. We saw a ton of different spins on the Aztec masks but those heart shaped jaguar spots are extra special!

Thank you to all the guests who were there to celebrate our brand new cultural exhibit, Lindo Mexico. An extra special thank you to La Central, Telemundo and Acceso Total, KTLA 5 News, and Rhythmo Mariachi Academy for being a part of this extra special day!

To check out Telemundo’s segment, click here.

To check out KTLA 5’s segment, click here.

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