Butterfly, Butterfly, There You Are!

In our last blog post we discussed the process of a caterpillar forming their chrysalis and we promised to update our blog as soon as our butterflies emerged… well, guess what day it is! Painted Lady Butterfly emergence day!


Our Painted Lady butterflies were in their chrysalis for 7-9 days and we saw them emerge one by one this week! At first their chrysalis was gently shaking, letting us know that they were close to emerging. After about 15 minutes, they gently ripped through the soft chrysalis and hung in a vertical position so their blood can pump into their wings, preparing them for flight!


The butterfly pictured above has JUST left it’s chrysalis, while the butterfly picture below has been out for a full 24 hours and has gained the ability to move freely!


If you’re interested in checking out our Painted Lady Butterflies, they will be on display in Museum lobby until further notice! Thanks for following our journey!

Another huge thanks to Chase ‘N Butterflies for providing us with live caterpillars for our 3rrd annual Caterpillar Adoption!
For more information on Chase ‘N Butterflies, visit their website at:

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