Dia de los Muertos at the Museum!

Day of the Dead may sound like the latest zombie movie in theaters, but it is in fact one of the largest Mexican holidays celebrated. Dia de los Muertos, or Day of the Dead is the Mexican celebration of All Souls Day, a day to honor loved ones who have passed on. Held on the first and second of November, this day is celebrated by building of altars for loved ones, visiting the graves of family members, as well as parades, dances, and music to honor the dead. One of the most important elements of Dia de los Muertos is the altar. Altars can range from elaborate pieces adorned with lights and flowers to humble altars made from a shoebox. For an in depth look at the symbols represented in an altar check out this article from the Latin Times!

One of the most symbolic expressions of this holiday is the Calaveras, or skull imagery that is displayed as masks, costumes, sculptures, and even candy that children decorate. Calacas, or skeleton sculptures are often seen represented wearing fancy, colorful clothes and enjoying entertainment. Day of the Dead inspired artwork generously donated from the art department from Cal State Fullerton can be seen in our Nannie’s Travels gallery for the next few weeks. Also, join us in celebration of this culturally rich holiday for our Target Free Sunday on November 1st, students from the Lynwood High School’s Art Academy will be painting faces all day!

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